Loire Valley Wine Tours
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Visit remarkable regions such as Sancerre, Chinon, Vouvray & many more.

Where every guest is a VIP.

Where you don’t have to be a celebrity to be treated like one.

exceptional Loire Valley wine tours

Select exceptional and diverse Loire regions.

Whether you prefer dry whites, rich reds or something bubbly – you will find exactly what you are looking for here.. and more!

Each Loire Valley wine tour is completely bespoke and unique. Tailored to your specific tastes and needs, Loire Valley wine tours are designed to surpass all of your expectations, and fullfill your desires.

Welcome to The Loire Valley.

Elite Wine Tour presents the perfect opportunity to taste wine in one of the world’s most picturesque regions.

Due to its vast natural beauty, spectacular castles and incredible produce, The Loire Valley is considered to be “The Garden of France”.

Regions of The Loire produce delectable goat’s cheese, honey, and diverse wine styles to suit all tastes.

A complete spectrum of exquisite restaurants and eateries exist here. From humble taverns to Michelin starred gastronomic experiences. All of which serve their preferred Loire Valley wines alongside their dishes.

Travellers and wine lovers alike often find themselves in awe of the feast of delights found in The Loire Valley.

Wine Tasting

Broaden your palate with an immersive wine tasting experience.

Elite Wine Tour exclusively partners winemakers who offer a warm welcome to all of our guests.

Our winemakers always enthusiastically explain all of the methods and expertise that goes into making their wine.
With no pressure to buy, you can be honest about what you like.
Sample many different types of wine until you find the ones that most pique your interest.

Discover the differing styles of wine, the depth of flavours, the nuanced subtleties offered by each individual wine. Then apply this knowledge to your specific tastes to select your favourites.

Marvel at how young and mature wines differ in texture. At how oaked and unoaked wines present distinct flavour profiles.
Finely tune your tastebuds to identify dry, semi-sweet or sweet levels of sugar content.
Then allow your guide and the winemakers themselves to expand upon any given characteristic in great detail.

The winemakers The Elite Wine Tour partner are fully invested in environmentally friendly practices. These are vital throughout their vineyards and wineries.
They do not rely on scientifically modified yeast, nor do they include additional excess sulphate. They allow nature to take its course.

Natural wine is commonplace across The Loire Valley winegrowing regions.
Many Loire Valley winemakers do not even consider themselves to be groundbreaking, or trend-setting.
They merely make wine the same way they were taught by their predescessors.

Natural wine practices focus on the environment. Responsible winemakers concentrate on the entire ecosystem, surrounding the vineyard as a whole.

The result of good practices throughout the vineyard and winery are many. This approach creates wine of great character, and maintains healthier vines.
Vineyards devoid of the use of chemical pesticides and various preventative spraying methods, suffer far less soil depletion.

Natural wine offers a true expression of the terroir. With richer, chewy textures and wild, earthy, often gamey flavours.

Meet The Winemakers

There are many benefits to booking a tour with The Elite Wine Tour. The greatest is the guarantee that the winemakers will accompany you whilst you taste their wine. Sampling wine in the company of the people who make it creates unforgettable experiences.

Talking to the winemakers allows for a complete understanding and appreciation of not only the efforts, but the forethought that goes into each cuveé.
If a winemaker has had a specific need or want to create a certain expression, you might get glimpses into that thought process.
Syncing those ideas and concepts up with the sampling of the wine in your glass, can make for a formidable, and exclusive, experience.

Winemakers all possess their own unique, individual ideologies. The methods they believe best result in producing an array of fine wines, varies from one winemaker to the next.
You might be surprised when visiting winemakers just a few kilometers apart, at just how different their approach might be, from one another.
All our winemakers vie to present the best interpretation of their vineyards.
When meeting and becoming acquanted with the people themselves, the expression of their wines can be truly appreciated.