what to expect from us

• VITALITY: Constantly striving to deliver unbeatable value & service

• EXPERTISE: Exploring the great regions of The Loire guided by a true wine authority

• ENTHUSIASM: Offering a warm welcome to the most famous wine making nation in the world

• ENJOYMENT: Travelling effortlessly through stunning scenery and gorgeous backdrops, in outstanding luxury.

ACCURACY: Always with time to spare. Never rushed.

All wine tours are bespoke and designed for any number of guests.

You also have the choice of fabulous properties to choose from for extended excursions. Alternatively you can be chauffeured to your first tasting session of the day from any airport, train station or hotel of your choice.

Tour lengths range from half a day, to a four day all inclusive tour package. Whatever your needs and however long you would like to spend, The Elite Wine Tour Company is on hand to ensure you have an incredible experience.

Our goal is that our service will be as refreshing as a crisp cool white on a Summer’s day; and creates remarkable memories that last even longer than our most structured reds!



what to expect from our partners

All of the winemakers you’ll meet, and all of the vineyards you explore, are authentic family run enterprises – some of which date back hundreds of years.

We exclusively guide individuals and tour groups to organic & biodynamic wineries. The winemakers here instinctively follow low intervention methods and produce wine for quality, not quantity.

With wine quality and your enjoyment being our main objectives, only the wine makers that guarantee a warm welcome to our guests can ever make the grade.

This approach ensures that you only experience exclusive, attentively produced wine, in welcoming and receptive surroundings.

what we expect from you

Considering that our clients are experiencing wine making which dates back in time many hundreds, and in some cases over one thousand years, we expect that within the presence of the vineyard personnel, that the utmost respect be demonstrated and exhibited through our clients conduct.

Consuming no more alcohol than is necessary during each wine tasting session is optimal in order to avoid cross contamination from tasting one wine to the next. We have written up an article with more information on this which can be found here: [insert link]

Elite Wine Tour does not cater to groups on stag or hen do’s.

Please drink responsibly.


Excelling in exceptional bespoke, customisable wine tour experiences available to a diverse global clientele. Providing invaluable insights into Loire valley wine & the winemaking process whilst keeping things fun.


Delivering our guests in luxury to organic and biodynamic vineyards. Partnering wine makers producing the very most exceptional examples of all styles & varieties of Loire Valley grape. Shaping & creating unforgettable memories.



Frequently asked questions

This all depends on how long you have to spare.
A long weekend will introduce you to many of the unique delights The Loire Valley has to offer, and a stay of many weeks or even months would not begin to cover everything.

Currently we are only looking for affiliates and other professionals, authorities and social media influencers already in the wine tourism industry. If this applies to you please use the contact page to send us an opening introduction as we would love to hear from you!