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An extensive collection spanning many decades featuring select vintages.

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Sample choice fine wine in Elite Wine Tour’s purpose built, private tasting room.

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'la cave'

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You never need miss out on your most beloved wines again. When you have found the bottles that best pique your interest and most suit your tastes, you can elect to have cases shipped to your home for you to enjoy, extending the memories until your return.

Select from reds, whites, or sparkling wines.

visit incredible CHATEAUX

France is famous for being home to the most breathtaking & historically important architecture in the world. When taking a break from wine tasting, it is highly recommended you visit an authentic French chateaux and take in all of it’s splendors.

Every region prides itself as much in the presentation and grandiosity of its chateaux as it does it’s vineyards and wine. So whether you decide to visit the epic Chateau Chambord; the unmistakable Chateau Chenonceau; the impeccably maintained Chateau Cheverny; the serene, fairytale-like Chateau Valencay with its famous gardens; or any number of the Chateaux that speak loudest to you, it can all be made possible during a 3-4 day experience.

Chateau de Valencay

'la cave' & tasting room


Elite Wine Tour’s Great Wine Game offers an experience that wine lovers never forget.

In groups, prior to enjoying the region’s most famed dishes as prepared by our expert cook, players are tasked with pulling a number from the hat. The number corresponds to a vintage. The players, one by one, will then select a wine of that vintage from Maison des Reves cellar. Having sampled your selection in private, away from other player’s eagerly prying eyes, and decided whether or not to decant, or to pour straight from the bottle, your choice will be presented “blindfold” as part of the game among the choices of the other players.

Simulteanously but without any hint of urgency; the group will sample the wines selected and take notes, trying to guess the grape, region, vintage and the chateaux the wine was made. This game tests your wine knowledge about the grapes, vineyards and vintages. The winning player’s prize is selecting one of the wines for consumption during the evening meal.

Of course, a variety of wines will be offered and anything from la cave can be selected at a surcharge, so do not fret if you are eating a certain dish which does not correspond to the chosen wine; your expert sommelier will be on hand to guide you through exactly which wine could be suitable for you with your meal (tasting sessions as well as discussion & debate have been known to continue long into the latter part of the evening).

The true prize is that every wine (although sadly not every vintage) from every chateaux within The Loire Valley that you sample during the game can be accessed on subsequent tours during your extended stay with The Elite Wine Tour Company.

This extremely popular game has always been exceptionally well recieved, and can comprise of the following categories;

  • Old world vs New World Pinot
  • Old world vs New World Sauvingon
  • Touraine Reds (Gamay vs Cot vs Cab Franc vs Pinot)
  • Loire Valley Whites (Sauvingon Blanc vs Chenin vs Chardonnay)
  • Cabernet Franc from various Loire regions
  • Sauvingon Blanc from various Loire regions
  • Vouvray vintages
  • Chinon vintages
  • Loire Sparklers
  • Loire Sweeties