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Now is the perfect time to stock up on wine of all styles from The Loire Valley. With so many grape varities covered, this diverse region will have your customers falling in love with rare and exciting wine that has them looking forward to the next glass.

Organic and biodynamic might be newer phrases, but they are traditional practices for the winemakers we are in partnership with.

Loire Valley wines represent style and sophistication, whilst remaining affordable.

The wines from this region are generally at their best between 2-4 years from the date they are bottled.

Understandably, your customers want to drink their wine now. Therefore every wine on this list is ready to drink, and can be kept for a minimum of 2 years, with certain oak barrelled wines having a guard of more than ten years, and dessert wines offering up to 50 years in the cellar!

Enquiries regarding other vintages of each wine are encouraged.

All varities are sold as cases of 12. Bottles are 75cl unless stated. Magnums in some wines are also available.

For your trial order please select 12 individual wines to sample from the below list, this will be packed and shipped directly to you as the basis for your company’s ongoing orders.


The Elite Wine Tour Company is proud to offer you support and insight into your wine selection. Many of these wines shall be exclusive to your hotel and cannot be found elsewhere in UK or outside France.

We only partner family wine makers producing limited units, we do not work with vineyards that supply supermarkets. In some cases, the wines on our list are produced in as few as 2000 units each vintage.

We hope you enjoy deciding which wines suit your needs, and welcome all feedback.

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Dry White

Val De Loire style

Sauvignon blanc is arguably the greatest grape of all of Val De Loire. On the East in Sancerre it is crisp & clinical with lots of attitude. More centrally in Touraine it mellows and develops a heavier body and fuller character until reaching Valencay & Cheverny where it is expertly blended with Chardonnay for a more round finish.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Sweet White (Demi-sec)

Val de Loire Style

When ordering a glass of white wine in Britain, Demi-sec is generally referred to as “sweet white”. Demi-sec means ‘half-dry’ and contains more sugar than ‘dry’ white wine. This is not to be confused with dessert wine, which is sweet to taste and also referred to elsewhere as sweet wine.

Perfect Accompaniment to:

Dessert Wine (Molleux/Doux)

Val de Loire Style

Late harvest during Autumn when the grapes are ready to burst under the weight of their own sugar. This style of wine can only be produced in ideal conditions during the best vintages.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Dry Sparkling White (Brut)

Val de Loire Style

All our Sparkling Wine is produced using ‘Methode Traditionnelle’. The same method used to create bubbly in Champagne, where the wine is double fermented naturally, then racked and riddled over many years to create the highest pressure in the bottle.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Sweet Sparkling White (Demi-sec)

Val de loire style

Demi-sec Sparkling is produced in lesser quantity than Brut. This wine is often creamier and less mineral than Brut. It is created using the same Methode Traditionelle process, giving maximum pleasure with each pop.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Sparkling Rosé


Produced using the same Methode Traditionelle, the grapes and blends permitted for Rosé in Val De Loire are Cot (Malbec), Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Gamay & Pineau D’Aunis.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Still Rosé

Val De Loire Style

Still Rosé has a long and successful history in the Loire Valley. The grapes used are Pinot Noir, Cot/Malbec, Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris, Grolleau, Cabernet Sauvignon & Pineau d’Aunis. The wines produced using thin skinned red grapes differ in taste, but not quality, greatly from those made with grapes with a thicker skin.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Light Red

Val De Loire Style

Despite not being famous for its Pinot, Val De Loire produces some fine light reds using this most noble of grapes. Blends using Gamay as support are generally 60/40, with most winemakers either producing pure Pinot exclusively, or a choice of 100% Pinot and Pinot/Gamay blends.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Medium Red

Val De Loire Style

More central to the Loire Valley in Touraine, Cot (or Malbec) is often a staple of a winemakers Red offering. The Cot here is very different from that found in The New World. It can generally found to be more focused, less big & fruity and more acidic. In Touraine Amboise an exclusive blend (named after Francois 1er) made with Cot, Cabernet Franc and Gamay is not permitted to be produced baring any other region’s name.

Perfect accompaniment to:

Full Red

Val De Loire Style

Cabernet Franc from Val De Loire is high and mighty in character. A grape used as vital support in Bordeaux is able to stand alone here, and turns out some gloriously rich, fruity wine. Often it is aged for 12 months in French Oak barrels, allowing tough tannins to drop away and offering serious ageability.

Perfect accompaniment to:

BIBS (10 litres)

Resealable Vacuum Packed Bag in a Box


Some of our favourite wine makers also put some effort into producing box wines. The results can be surprisingly formidable.

Why box wine?

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