Terms & Conditions

Tour booking

All tour booking package contracts are made with Elite Wine Tour, a trading name of Elements Constultancy Ltd. UK. Tour bookings, deposits and payments are all subject to the following terms & conditions.
Communications from Elite Wine Tour communications and correspondance are to be directed to the foremost address supplied by you, the client, on the relevant booking form. You must notify Elite Wine Tour if you change your primary email address and wish to correspond with us.
Elite Wine Tour bookings may only be made via recognised, authorised Elite Wine Tour representatives.
Upon making a booking and upon completion of the booking form a minimum of 50% deposit of the total cost is due immediately unless expressly stated.
Tour booking confirmation can neither be implied nor guaranteed based purely on receipt of the deposit and booking. The booking is only confirmed once Elite Wine Tour issues a written notice to the client’s primary email address. Elite Wine Tour reserves every right to refuse a booking in the event of a simultaenous duplicate timed booking which was deemed to be unavoidable, however, Elite Wine Tour reserves every right to refuse a booking without giving any such reason – in all cases where bookings are refused prior to written confirmation any and all client deposits shall be returned in full to the client at the earliest possible opportunity at no cost to the client.
The full cost of your tour must be settled in full 28 days before the start date of the tour; unless the tour is booked within 28 days of the start date in which case the tour must be paid in full immediately, and unless otherwise clearly stated on the booking form or elsewhere in official Elite Wine Tour literature or on the official Elite Wine Tour website or unless expressly stated elsewhere by Elite Wine Tour.
If full payment is not recieved at least 28 days within the tour start date your tour may be cancelled and your deposit or part of your deposit retained by Elite Wine Tour.
Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the signatory or named person completing the booking form guarantees full payment in accordance with all conditions stated herein. It is the signatory or named person’s responsibility to ensure Elite Wine Tour receives full payment at least 28 days prior to the first day of the tour start date. Reminders are not the responsibility of Elite Wine Tour nor should any such reminder be used as any kind of clause to avoid all or any deposit being retained by Elite Wine Tour.
Any and all dietary requirements and/or other health associated requests must be confirmed at the very earliest availability.


A complete price breakdown of all costs is not guaranteed and cannot always be made available.
Elite Wine Tour is strictly unable to adjust tour prices due to the fluctuation of all and any currency extending to all monetary fiscal policies, and including any and all crypto or digital currency.

Client changes or ammendments

Once itineraries are set and agreed upon, the client, yourself or your group as a whole is allowed one set of amendments free or charge from any administrative fees, although added costs incurred by these amendments shall bring costs incurred by yourself, the client, or your group as a whole and shall be payable within 7 days or within 24 hours of the beginning of the tour start date and time in the event that the amendments have been made less than 7 days prior to the beginning of the tour date and time. Further amendments or tour modifications outside of the initial free amendment outlined above shall carry a fee of £50GBP/60euros/$65USD/$88Australian. No other currency is accepted. If you are paying via a different currency please convert 60 euros to your specific currency for the current price. No exceptions to these prices can or shall be made.

Client Cancellation

You, the client may cancel your tour at any time.
The following charges are to be applied to yourself, the client, upon written receipt of cancellation to Elite Wine Tour:
100 days or more: 12.5% of deposit
29-99 days: 25% of deposit
22-28 days: 50% of deposit
15-21 days: 100% of deposit
7-14 days: 50% of whole tour cost
Less than 7 days: 100% of whole tour cost

changes or cancellation by us

Where absolutely necessary, Elite Wine Tour may make changes to your tour or tour itinerary. These changes may be due to individual winery or region’s circumstances, be it a change of opening times, or some unanticipated event at the particular winery or region which would otherwise affect your tour negatively, for example if the winery has closed. These changes are necessary for your, the client’s, benefit. These changes would only be made to ensure you, the client are satisfied with your tour. All changes of this kind shall be detailed and proof provided where necessary. In the event of this type of change to your tour, no extra charges will be levied to yourself, the client, nor will any compensation be payable to yourself, the client. Any additional costs arising from these types of unforeseeable changes to the tour will be absorbed in full by Elite Wine Tour. In the highly unlikely event that changes to any given tours overall profile are significantly altered enough to warrant a cancellation then a full refund shall be offered including deposit returned at the earliest possible opportunity. This does not affect your statutory rights. Under these circumstances you, the client, shall reserve the opportunity to amend your tour or move the tour to a later date at no extra cost to yourself. When this is the case 100% of the costs will be absorbed by Elite Wine Tour.
No compensation is ever payable for minor changes, for example a slight change to pick-up or drop-off time, or if hotel check-out time differs from stated time that was correct at time of going to press or published online. No compensation is ever payable for minor changes such as changes to similar vehicles, providing the vehicle offers equal levels of trim and comfort and seats equal number of passengers. No compensation is ever payable by Elite Wine Tour or its representatives in the event of a change of restaurant or winery to that which was agreed upon, provided a equal, comparable or superior alternative is included at no extra charge to yourself, the client or group as a whole or individually. Changes to your tour including cancellation, changes to your pick-up or drop-off points that arise during the time it has taken you to travel, delays in travel by more than 6 hours and vehicle changes to an inferior standard and winery or region changes to an inferior standard are all considered major changes to your tour and will result in a whole or part reiumbursement to the client, yourself, reflective of the true changes in cost to yourself, the client.
Compensation of full tour cost or whole or part deposit reimbursement cannot be provided in the event or war, threat of war, an actual riot, civil strike, “act of god” aka force majeure, terrorist atrocities, industrial strikes, industrial actions or industrial disputes, natural or mad-made disasters or major incidents, unforeseen technical limitations or mechanical breakdown of vehicle, airport or train station closures, extreme weather or any other event beyond the control of Elite Wine Tour. Travel insurance is vital for all tours.
Elite Wine Tour reserves the right to cancel your tour outright at any time prior to 24 hours before the time and date of the commencement of your tour. If your tour is cancelled Elite Wine Tour shall refund yourself, the client, or group as a whole and/or individually in full including any deposit and any other monies paid relevant to the cancelled tour. No further compensation beyond monies returned to yourself, the client or group as a whole or individually are to be payable in such an event.
Elite Wine Tour reserves the right to refuse any person or people from the tour if the person or people present an imminent threat to the well being, safety and health of any tour coordinators, other members of the tour or the general public, or animals. This includes threats made and acts carried out including violence and terrorism or terrorist threats. Any prejudice acts, threats or overtly prejudicial behaviour designed to offend may result in the offending person being asked to leave the tour. Anyone becoming drunk and disorderly will be asked to leave the tour and shall not be allowed to consume any further alcohol nor purchase any further alcohol. Alcohol already purchased by a person whom subsequently becomes drunk and disorderly or exhibits highly offensive behaviour or makes threats to any person or acts in a violent manner or causes damage to any personal property may be confiscated until a later time and may not be returned to the relevant person.
Under the circumstances of offensive behaviour, threats of violence, acts or violence, damage to property and drunk, disorderly behaviour, no refund shall be made by Elite Wine Tour. Guests are urged to behave in a proper manner at all times during the tour for the benefit of all involved and the wider general public.
Failure by any individual or group to do so may result in Elite Wine Tour recovering compensation for any damage caused from the offending party/group or person at fault.

Client Responsibilities

Responsibility in regards to travel insurance arrangements lie solely with the client and group members individually.
You, the client, must ensure that your travel insurance explicitly states relevant coverage for the specific activities involved and agreed upon relating to your tour itinerary.
All travellers or members of the group, unless EU citizens, must have a valid passport, valid visa and all relevant legal documentation in order to travel to France. No credit notes, compensation or refunds shall be issued in the event of any lost, misplaced or damage or destroyed travel documents.
Elite Wine Tour accepts no responsibility for delays nor expense occurred should any travellers legal documents not be proper and in order.
You, the client, and all members of your group are responsible for all travel arrangements including boarding flights, trains and/or paying relevant toll fees up until the point of agreed pick-up by Elite Wine Tour. Once the tour has commenced, Elite Wine Tour shall be responsible for paying all toll road charges and for paying for all fuel used on the tour. No vehicle or travel expenses, strictly relevant to the tour itself, are the responsibility of you, the client, once the tour has begun.
Responsibility lies with the signatory or persons forming part of the group to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that members of the group may have. Failure to do so may result in you, the client’s tour being cancelled with no deposit nor tour costs returned to yourself.
All luggage, belongings, equipment, clothing, personal effects and possessions shall remain at all times the responsibility of the owner. Elite Wine Tour takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to any of the above ‘possessions’ or its contents, including food and drink, unless directly caused by the negligence of an Elite Wine Tour Coordinator, member of staff or representative.

Elite Wine Tour Responsibilities

Elite Wine Tour does not manage nor own any animals, aircraft, accommodation, restaurants, bars, wineries or vineyards utilised in conjunction with your tour. Although Elite Wine Tour has taken great care in selecting the greatest quality providers in all fields, Elite Wine Tour does not inspect every single facet of every single tour nor does Elite Wine Tour represent that every single facet listed above has been inspected individually for each and every tour.
Elite Wine Tour is not to be held responsible if you, the client, or any other person within your group suffers death or any illness or injury, resulting or stemming from any failures to perform, or any acts improperly performed, of any part of the contract with you, the client, where such circumstance or failure can be attributed to the acts or omissions of any member or members of the group, or those of another third party not associated with the provisions of your tour or any event which neither Elite Wine Tour nor our partners could have reasonably foreseen or prevented even in hindsight and with utmost due care.
Should you or any person or persons within your group suffer any illness, injury or death through an accident or misadventure arising from an activity during the tour which does not form part of the experience that Elite Wine Tour has agreed with you as part of your itinerary then Elite Wine Tour accepts no liability and as such no compensation will be offered nor paid. As part of Elite Wine Tour’s policy, general assistance, emergency service contact and/or basic first aid treatment will always be administered where appropriate.
In certain circumstances, when medical treatment for a member of the group is sought, the priority is with the person in need of medical treatment as opposed to completing or fulfilling any itinerary. This shall be non-negotiable at all points and no compensation will be offered nor made nor shall be due to any member or members of the group that missed one or more items of the tour itinerary due to any medical issues that have arisen with another member of the group. Your and the persons forming your group’s health, safety and well being are a priority to us above the itinerary being completed.

Over 18 alcohol consumption

Whilst children can be accomodated for and included in group tours, no person under the age of 18 years of age shall be permitted to consume alcohol at any point during the tour. Elite Wine Tour Coordinators reserve the right to request to check valid photo ID in the event that a member or members of the group appear to be under 25 years old. It is the individuals responsibility to prove their age where necessary and not to be offended if their age is questioned. Age verification shall only be requested a total of once throughout your tour by your tour guide, however, when entering private premises not owned nor operated by Elite Wine Tour as part of your specific itinerary, you or any members of your group appearing to be underage may be asked to show their ID.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking and vaping and the combustion of all or any tobacco or other substance is strictly forbidden in all vehicles operated by Elite Wine Tour. Failure to comply with the above carries a maximum 200 euro fine. Smoking indoors is not permitted in France and carries a penalty and/or fine laid out by each individual premises which must be abided by. If you or a member of your group wishes to smoke then please make sure you or they only alight in designated smoking areas.


Elite Wine Tour shall endeavour to undertake all relevant health and safety guidelines in order to ensure the safety of you, the client, and your group throughout the tour. However, aspects of each respective tour may or may not be with or without some element of inherent risk of danger. You, the client and all members of the group must be prepared to sign a waiver of responsibility form before commencement of the tour. The form creates the clear understanding that you, the client and all members of the group must exercise caution and rationality throughout the duration of the tour in order to limit the likelihood of personal injury and to ensure your own personal safety and that of fellow group members, Elite Wine tour staff and it’s partners as well as the general public.


Elite Wine Tour has made all relevant checks regards the accuracy of all information displayed within our literature and on our website. Despite our greatest efforts, Elite Wine Tour cannot, however, be held legally responsible for any errors, omissions or genuine mistakes that may be found to appear within it’s literature or on its website.
All information supplied by Elite Wine Tour in writing or in person via spoken word is to the very best of Elite Wine Tour’s knowledge and is to be believed to be correct at any given time and would have been given only in good faith. Booking conditions are to take precedence over any separate conditions, including warrantees, that may have prior been given or asserted. This is non-negotiable at all points.


Should any problem of any kind arise during your tour, in order to allow Elite Wine Tour to fix any issues, be sure to inform your Tour Coordinator at the very earliest opportunity. Failure to do so may allow small problems to become bigger.
Should any problem be unresolvable you, the client, must contact head office immediately in order for assistance and so that Elite Wine Tour has the opportunity to help.
Elite Wine Tour cannot hold themselves responsible for an unsatisfactory itinerary or experience through causes beyond it’s control or when there has not been any notification of any problem at the point where remedial action may have been taken in due course in order to fix the problem. Should a problem remain unresolved despite immediate notification of an Elite Wine Tour representative, we ask you, the client, writes to Elite Wine Tour within 28 days of the end of your tour. All complaints recieved will be responded to within 10 working days. Complaints that are upheld will be dealt with internally and suitable solutions will be made available within 28 days of the initial complaint report. Any disputes arising shall be governed by European law and all clients are protected by the BEUC consumer association and protected in certain circumstances by Directive EU2015/2302, Directive 2006/123/EC and Directive 2005/29/EU where applicable.