As the somellier at my uncle’s NYC restaurant, wine is always around me. Anytime I am in Paris I book a tour. I originally booked to go to Chinon; which is fantastic, and since then have also explored Bourgeil, St Nicholas & Saumur. No matter where, The Elite Wine Tour Company takes me to one unbelivable family winemaker after another.

Ed & Andi

He prefers white wine, I prefer red wine & we both absolutely adore rosé. So what better way to spend two days than the first day in Sancerre followed by the second in Chinon? Utterly blissful.


It was in a group during a week long visit to Paris that some of us decided to break away in an effort to explore the vineyards of France! I really enjoy sparkling white wine & rosé, and seeing the process of the grapes being pressed and the bottles being turned in the caves of Touraine Amboise is an experience I shall never forget.


What an amazing one day tour of The Loire Valley! I visited Cheverny & Cour Cheverny. Previously I had only ever really liked white wine, but now I have been introduced to the type of lighter red wine made here, I have fallen in love with Pinot Noir & Gamay.

Simon & Mandy

We wanted to find the perfect wine for our big day so it was incredible to have the whole trip tailored to our needs. In the months leading up to visiting Vouvray, Pouilly & Sancerre, we went back and forth with The Elite Wine Tour Company on a regular basis, tweaking the experience so that we could sample enough wine & also have plenty of downtime to enjoy in France. What we achieved in our 2 days was très formidable!


Being introduced to Touraine is a dream come true. It has everything you want; castles, quaint little towns and villages on the river, vineyards that stretch on and on as far as the eye can see! They produce the most unbelivably good goat’s cheese here and also have just about every wine variety you could possibly think of to pair it with! It is basically heaven.

Erin & Jess

Escaping Paris for a full day excursion to Chinon was just what the doctor ordered! Not only did we both get to visit our favourite winemakers, we soon discovered that this region also makes really great white & rosé wine too.


Touraine might not be the first French region you think of when discussing red wine; however when you try some of the Malbec and Cabernet Franc grown here you are going to be astonished by just how well structured and long lived it can be.

Warren & Joy

For our 30th wedding anniversary we visited Sancerre, and we have been back every year since! Nowhere else in the world offers the romance & the winemaking history that this adorable little hilltop town does. We absolutely love it!

Toby & Benjamin

Visiting Vouvray was an absolute joy. Being shown around the vineyards and then sampling the various vintages on offer was a dream come true. The levels of detail that go into producing this wine are unreal. Elite Wine Tour even helped us ship several crates of our favourites back home!

Reg & Dionne

The more we come to Touraine the less we seem to drink of anything else. Whenever we travel to France we are always taken somewhere new, as well as being reminded of our favourites! The sheer amount of family winemakers that Elite Wine Tour has meaningful partnerships with really is commendable.


I could not wait to visit Vouvray. Upon arriving at the first vineyard I was astonished to learn how approachable and humble the winemakers and their family are! Meeting them and sampling their wine in their prescence was something I’ll never forget.


Is Sancerre the most romantic place in the entire world? When my husband treated me to a surprise weekend here we both decided that yes; it probably is! Thanks to Elite Wine Tour our only problem was how many bottles would fit in our suitcase. Throwing out shoes and clothes was worth the extra space..


I wanted to take nothing but genuine world class white wine home, having sampled it on the actual domain of the family that had produced it. Elite Wine Tour brought me to Vouvray where I was able to visit 3 vineyards and at all of them I found wine that I will never forget. My understanding & appreciation is growing exponentially!

Kenneth & Alison

Each time we book an Elite Wine Tour in The Loire Valley; whether it is Quincy, Reuilly, Pouilly or Sancerre, we count down the days until we are in France, at another exceptional vineyard, in the company of the wine makers themselves, sampling their wine. It truly is a remarkable experience.