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Reserving your Bespoke Tour is the perfect option for those wishing to book a specific day immediately, and finalise all the little details later on.

Are you..

  • Already in France?
  • Unsure as to why you would want to be picked up from Tours or Vierzon when you are already right next to the vineyards you would like to explore?
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer number of local winemakers on your doorstep?
  • Confused as to which wineries are worth your time?
  • Struggling with the language barrier?
  • Keen to reserve your date but yet to decide which region to visit?

Elite Wine Tours sell out fast, particularly in the busy holiday season. So Reserving a Bespoke Tour with a modest down payment now might make the difference between having the perfect day or missing out completely.

Who does this suit best?

Often, there are clients who are situated in a wine region who want a tour of the area they are staying, but are not close enough to our regular pick-up points of Vierzon or Tours to make a booking.
Reserving the booking this way ensures that the date you want is sealed, and then the finer points can be adjusted in time for the day of your tour.

Will this save money?

Yes. As an example, let’s assume you are in the Touraine region already, your tour of Touraine will cost considerably less if you choose this option than if you select the tour from our menu (which is designed for clients who would be collected and dropped off at Tours station, or a nearby hotel).
Simply put; less travelling for us means a lower cost to you, our client.

If you know the date(s) you want to reserve then BOOK NOW and one of our friendly, English speaking Tour Coordinators will be in touch within one working day to design the perfect bespoke tour for you.


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