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Experience the incredible Renaissance town of Chinon and its famous Cabernet Franc wines for a full day!

For lovers of pure Cabernet Franc, known locally as Breton, Chinon represents the benchmark with which all other regions offerings must live up to.

Chinon vineyards present the opportunity to discover how, even under just one monkier; "Chinon Rouge" there exists a choice selection of very different, yet all equally excellent, red wine.


Red Chinon wine is far from just one thing:
On a full day experience you can marvel at how the combination of various different soils types, vineyard location and positioning, vine age and the winemaker's personal vinification preferences can all combine to produce striking variations on a truly beautiful theme.

Nowhere else can quite offer what Chinon does.

In Chinon, it doesn't simply begin and end with red wine either.. fruity, rich rosé is also produced here using Cabernet Franc, and brilliant dry white wine is also made in small quantities from the Chenin Blanc grape.

If your heart is set on visiting Chinon, then you can rest assured that there is probably no other region that is as focused, and yet offers the array of variety within reach on a one day tour.

Travelling from Paris?
Tours is the ideal pick-up point for those travelling from Paris.
Trains regularly leave from Paris Austerlitz, Paris Bercy and Paris Montpernasse 1 & 2 stations, arriving directly to Tours in an average of 1.5hrs.

Your guide will be waiting in Tours to collect and deliver you to some of the most stunning vineyards and classic fairytale French communes you could imagine.

Taste incredible Cabernet Franc in the company of the winemakers whom create it!


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